Doesn’t necessarily mean the fastest!!

Meagan Doody – Sophmore, Oyster River


Oyster River sophomore Maegan Doody’s high school cross country career did not get off to what one might call a precocious start. In her first race as a freshman, in late August 2012, she placed 39th out of 95 runners in the Londonderry jamboree. While Doody continued to fly under the radar screen for quite a while after that, the talent was there. Doody quietly placed sixth in the D-2 championships and 9th in the Meet of Champions at the end of her freshman season.

Running the fastest time by a New Hampshire girl at the 2013 Manchester Invitational (18:35) is the sort of thing that gets you noticed, though, and Doody’s days of running in relative anonymity ended. Last week she won the Meet of Champions with a patient race in which she took the lead late and used her 2:12 800 speed to pull away from to a six second win over the final

400 meters of the race. She is the first girl in Oyster River school history to win the individual title.

The biggest differences between freshman Doody and sophomore Doody is

experience, poise, and confidence.


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Jeremy Brassard – Sr, Coe-Brown


Jeremy is a special kind of runner that works hard in season and off. As he has evolved into NH’s top distance athlete in Cross Country, Indoor, and Outdoor track an interesting thing has happened to Jeremy. He has become a great leader. Early in his high school running career, Jeremy was consumed with getting faster and beating people. As he matured as an athlete he learned to lead by example as he started investing in his teammates. J challenges each of his teammates to give their best each day and particularly during races. His leadership is a major reason that the boys team qualified for New Englands this season. Jeremy has the inner drive to compete and leave nothing behind after each race. However, his greatest achievement as a runner is not his numerous State Championships. Instead he will be remembered for his leadership qualities and humble demeanor.


Luke Fisher – Sr, Coe-Brown


Luke is the type if athlete that worked his way the top of the rankings. His potential became evident during his Freshmen year, when he won the DII JV championship. During the next couple of years he worked hard in season and off to prepare himself for XC. Along side his teammate Jeremy Brassard, Luke became the perfect leader for the young Coe-Brown boys team, Luke is described by his coaches as always positive and ready to work hard with a smile on his face. In addition to his athletic accomplishments he is also a great leader in the Coe-Brown community. He is a great “coach” for the younger running programs in the area and helps with Special Olympics. Luke is seen by his peers as a very caring and companionate person that is always ready to lend a helping hand.

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Sarah Nadeau – Sophomore, Hopkinton




Sarah is a very disciplined person and that sense of discipline definitely shows up in how she prepares, trains and races. From packing her gear the night before a race, pre-race rituals, and having a race plan in mind; Sarah is dialed into what she is doing. All of which helps her to relax before an event. While she loves training and competing very much, she also truly enjoys the camaraderie of the sport; from the friends she has on the team to the friends she has made over the years on other teams!


Casey Hecox – Junior, Derryfield School


Casey has been an example of excellence as long as we’ve known her. Joyful at practice, determined to always do her best in races, she loves to run. Casey is a year-round endurance athlete, competing in XC running, swimming, track and triathlons. She is easy to coach; she never shirks on a practice, and she pushes her teammates to do their best.

Running is so much more than talent. Casey is an athlete who has learned to pace her practices, focus on her races and accept her results and always move forward with ambition. She is developing the skills of persistence and perseverance that are required in the grueling sport of endurance competition.


Shannon MurdockJunior, Exeter


Shannon Murdock is the epitome of a disciplined, hardworking and self-motivated runner. She puts forth 100% effort day in and day out. She is a forced to be reckoned with as she is continuously improving and advancing. As the captain of the Exeter Girls XC team, Shannon cares for all her teammates and is naturally supportive of all runners. 


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Josh Fontaine – Lebanon


Josh is serious about running and works diligently to be the best he can be. He is a fierce competitor and looks forward to competition. Since Josh began running he has worked on his running form; his stamina and strength. Josh is also a student of this sport. He’s goal driven and hopes to run in college. Josh is happiest on a long training run on the back roads of NH (or… when he’s nailing a hard work out on the track!)

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Emma Newton – Senior, Hollis-Brookline


Emma is a pleasure to coach, an outstanding team leader, and a very determined competitor. Emma is

very coachable, and has made herself into the runner she is through the dedication

and hard work she brings to the sport.

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Dominic Repucci -Sophomore, Hopkinton


Dom is exceptionally focused on improving his performance, running economy and race strategy. He exudes enthusiasm for the sport, perhaps because it is all so new to him or simply that he truly loves to run.

Watching Dom at practice or at a race is like watching a young child getting ready for recess! He can’t wait to go and never wants it to end. As his coach, he is a pleasure to work with each and every day!

Sant Bani 2013-50-2


Jessica Schanlaber – Junior, White Mt. High School


Jessica is a somewhat quiet, reserved and thoughtful young woman. She is very studious and hardworking and ranks near the top of her class academically. She is a three sport athlete and is respected and well liked by all. She is exceptionally driven and goal oriented and is dedicated to her family and faith. Jessica is a natural leader who does so by quiet example. I also believe

that her potential has yet to reveal itself. No student on our team or in our school outworks Jess Schanlaber. She is truly a coach’s dream.

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Damon Kilgore – Senior, Londonderry High School

When Damon was in middle school, he couldn’t crack the top seven on his own team. Now heading into his senior cross country season, he is the top returner in all of Division 1. Damon is the epitome of hard work and dedication. He is living proof to all of his teammates that if they are willing to put in the time and the miles, they can succeed on a high level. Damon is a tremendous leader. He speaks up when it’s needed, but most importantly he leads by example. I know everyday that no matter what the assigned run is or what the day’s workout is, Damon is going to give it everything he has. And his teammates feed off that attitude. It forces them to raise their own intensity.


Damon is also a very talented artist (he designed this year’s team t-shirt) and a great student. His affinity for Star Trek aside J, he is a great kid with a very bright future.



Morgan Sansing – Sophomore, Pinkerton High School


Morgan is a tough young athlete. She comes to practice every day with a smile on her face ready to face the day’s challenge. Morgan never complains or makes excuses; in fact the tougher the challenge, the better in Morgan’s eyes. She is a team leader by example and puts 110% into every practice. Over the past year we have seen so much growth in Morgan, not only in her strength and speed as a runner but her ability to race intelligently. She is learning the art of executing a smart race, so we are really excited to see what is in store of her over the next three years.

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Eli Moskowitz Junior, Souhegan High School


Eli is a talented, hard working junior who has quietly emerged as one of New Hampshire’s elite high school distance runners. Eli has been a key to the recent success of the Souhegan boy’s teams in Cross Country, Indoor Track, and Track and Field. He is coming off of a strong sophomore season in track that was culminated at the New England Championships where he ran a 1:56 split in the 4x800M Relay and followed that up with a 9:45 3200 (2nd NH finisher). Eli’s value to his team, however, goes well beyond his racing success. He is a quiet, natural leader, whose focus on the success of the team over any individual accolades, sets a great tone for his team where everyone is working together to achieve common goals.

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Jessie Carney – Senior, Coe-Brown Northwood Academy


Jessie has been a varsity athlete in Cross Country, Indoor and Outdoor Track since freshman year and has the opportunity to earn 12 varsity points. Over her career, she has quietly been an integral piece in multiple state championship teams, 3 cross country, 1 indoor and 2 outdoor. Also, quietly, she has become the leader, mother hen, of the all three teams, which is why she was nominated.

NHIAA Div II States-52




Tim Fafard – Junior, Mascenic High School

Also plays basketball and runs Outdoor

Freshman – XC 10th D3, outdoor 3200 2nd D3, 9th MOC

Sophomore – XC 3rd D3, 7th MOC, 46th, NE, outdoor 3200 1st D3, 2nd MOC, 20th NE

Running for more than 10 years