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2024 Outdoor Invitational Schedule

Winter Track League

SHOUT Outs! 1st Qualifier Meets And More!

By Nate Leveille UNH Morning Girls Boys UNH Afternoon Girls Boys PEA Girls Boys Other Shout Outs! Comment below if you have more!!!


Top Freshmen in the NH WTL!

We have done the top freshmen per division, but below you will see the top freshmen per event in the entire state. With the regular


Short Strides and Odd Thoughts

High Adventure and Misdemeanors A couple years back, I finally was able to complete a dream vacation to the running mecca of Flagstaff, Arizona with

Winter Track League

What a Weekend of NHTF!!! Shout Outs!

The great TF athletes of New Hampshire not only competed across 4 different WTL meets, but also spread across New England looking for interstate competition!


Tops in the NHWTL!

Once again thanks to TFRRS NH, we have the opportunity to have a little fun with stats. This one features the rankings of performances STATEWIDE

Pics and Quotes

Indoor Pic & Quote #104: Excellence

EXCELLENCE: “Excellence is attained only through passion, commitment, and hard work assisted by discipline, patience and discomfort!”  – Jeff Johnson WHAT       Girls’ Eastern

Winter Track League

Shout Outs! Weekend of 1/6-1/7!

As with each week, we list several shout outs to those who stood out this past weekend at all meets involving NH athletes beginning with

2024 Outdoor Invitational Schedule