Poll: Best Boys’ Program in NH History?

Simple question, right?  Which school has had the best boys’ team in NH Track and Field History?  How does one go about measuring ‘success’ in high school track and field?  Number of divisional championships?  Nashua has the most with 17, but Londonderry has only been around since 1978 and has 12!  Do you value state records, New England individual/relay titles, All-Americans, Large school v. Small school, divisional runner-ups? Or is ‘the best’ determined via the eye of the beholder?  Up to you!  We have provided a start and are more than willing to add to the list below for our poll.

Check out our Records page for helpful stats in making your decision.  We have a full listing of NH Divisional State Champions, State Records, and “Streakers”.  Please add comments after voting or for proposing a school to be added to the poll! We have started the list with the schools who have won the most divisional championships since 1944.  Have at it!

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