Athlete Feature: South’s Sydney Lewis


Name: Sydney Lewis

Events: Multi

PRs: High jump 5’6.5”, 200m 25.87, long jump 16’1.25”, 55m hurdles 9.14

When did you start competing in track and field?Meet of Champions 2017-423

I started competing in track and field when I was in middle school!

What is your favorite track and field event?  What are your personal bests?

My favorite track and field event would have to be high jump. My personal best is 5’6.5”

Describe your favorite competition memory:

My favorite competition memory is when I jumped my pr in high jump and got off the mat just to be hugged by my coaches and teammates!

If you could do any event in track and field, which one would it be and why?

I would love to try pole vault. It’s just an event I have never tried and looks super cool to me.

Describe your favorite workout:

My favorite workouts are probably short distance, speed workouts.

How does your coach motivate you?

My coaches motivate me by believing in me and showing I can do anything if I put to my mind to it. Sometimes even sending me little messages to make sure I know I can do anything.

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?

I would love to go to Greece!

What is your go-to pre-meet meal?

My go-to meal is usually pasta because it’s so easy to make and is so good.

Do you have a favorite prerace song?

I listen to about anything and everything. It usually depends on my mood!

Merrimack Invitational-334What motivates you most to do well?

What motivates me to do well is knowing I am helping my team be successful.

What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

I would run an 800 much better than I do now for a heptathlon!

What is the best advice or quote ever given to you?

“Pain is only temporary, glory is forever.”

If you go to college, do you plan to compete in track and field? And where?

I do plan to run in college. But I’m not sure quite yet where I would like to go. I’m still looking and keeping my options open!

What is your favorite thing about Track and Field?

The memories I make with my teammates!

What is your favorite track facility?

My home track, Nashua South!