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Did you know we have NH coaches and former NH coaches who have had quite the career experiences?  Careers which have involved being photographers for Track and Field News, which has been the bible of our sport since 1948?  One of whom may have had quite the hand in the development of Nike itself?  Well, we are certainly thankful these individuals have chosen NH’s website for high school track and field to share vintage photos and quotes to ponder.  This is the first of what we hope will be many posts combining phenomenal photos with thought-provoking quotes.

PHOTOS – By John Goegel

US-Pan Africa Meet     16-17 July 1971   Duke University (Durham, NC)

5000m:  Steve Prefontaine (#28: affectionately known as “Pre”) defeated Miruts Yifter  (#116: two-time Olympic Gold Medalist from Ethiopia; affectionately known as “Yifter the Shifter”)

QUOTE (subject – Accountability) – Jeff Johnson

“To be or not to be. To join or not to join. To associate or not to associate. To do or not to do. Each choice is yours to make, and life will hold you accountable for every single one.”

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  1. Those are some images. As a kid growing up in the sport after these two legends, I simply heard about their exploits on the track after the time had past, yet remember them because everyone I was familiar with was being compared to them. Craig Virgin emerged as US’s answer to the East Africans that were making their names in track and field and he often refers to “this time” as when he set his goals to take on the world. Seeing these images in black and white bring me right back to when it clicked for me. Thanks for sharing!

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