Pics and a Quote #6: Perspective

A little perspective as we wrap up the 2018 season by considering the words of the quote below, and realizing through the picture that there have been many seasons and opportunities in the past, and will be many in the future…

“Don’t be afraid to succeed. Don’t be afraid to fail.  You’ll always have another chance.”

Where: Miami, Florida

When: 1969

What:  AAU Championship Mile

Who: (left to right) John Lawson, Chris Mason (#246), Marty Liquori (#24_), Sam Bair (#258), Jim Ryun, Sam Bair (#245), John Mason, Dennis Savage (#260)

Feature Photo (above): (left to right) Chuck LaBenz (Arizona State), Bob Day (SoCal Striders), Dennis Savage (Westmont), John Mason (Pacific Coast Club), John Lawson (Pacific Coast Club), Marty Liquori (Villanova), Brian Kivlan, Jim Ryun (Kansas).


Photos by Jeff Johnson

Quotes by Jeff Johnson from his work in progress: “In Other Words: Things I Think I Said When I Was Trying To Think Of Something To Say.”

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