A Pic & A Quote #102: RACES

Races: ”The test of a racer is not the great start or even a fast finish. The real test of a racer is the middle miles of a cross country course when she is out of sight in the back hills. Her commitment to staying on pace, her toughness in grinding it out when the going gets rough and the finish line is a rumor, will determine her likelihood of being in the race at the end.” – Jeff Johnson

WHO (left to right): Exeter’s Madeline Nash (73), Terry Eustis (72), Pinkerton’s Linda Trombly (64), Dover’s Judy McCrone (81)

WHAT: Inaugural Girls New England XC Championships

WHEN: 1977

WHERE: Montpelier, VT

Notes: Nash and Eustis would tie for 10th place. Pinkerton was the runner-up while Exeter finished 3rd behind champion Cumberland, RI.  Dover placed 5th. Bishop Brady’s Beth Clark won the individual title!

Complete History of New England Championships courtesy of Keith Lawton (RI)

Editor’s Note: Due to the graciousness of Jeff Johnson, John Goegel and others, we are continuing this series which is approaching 100 entries! For those of you that don’t know, Jeff Johnson was employee #1 of Nike.  He actually is the one responsible for naming the company.  Fortunately for us, he was also a world class photographer of our great sports in the 1960s and 1970s during which he captured thousands of sports photographs.  We are honored and thankful for their choice to use our sites as their medium for sharing their passion.  We hope our presentations can do them justice!

Photo by Jeff Johnson

Quotes by Jeff Johnson from his work in progress: “In Other Words: Things I Think I Said When I Was Trying To Think Of Something To Say”.