Thank You NH!!!

Thank you New Hampshire!  What a great meet!New England's-590

The New England Track and Field Championships was held for the first time in 17 years in New Hampshire this past weekend and what a coming out party for the state.  The production of this meet was unparalleled in high school track.  Great thanks to Larry Martin, Amy Sanborn, and Tim Cox as meet directors, and the entire crew of officials, marshalls, and event help that made this thing operate like clockwork.

I also want to mention the UNH crew.  The facility is no other I’ve been to for the New England championships.  The stadium is phenomenal and the jumbotron made every seat in the house, the best seat in the house.

Another big shout out to Rick Berryman and his crew doing the timing, and allowing us to do live seeding so every lane was filled in the running events.  You want precision timing, Lancer Timing is the way to go.

Let’s not forget the crew at New Hampshire Track and and Runner’s Alley for their continuous coverage and outstanding product they’ve been bringing us all season long.  From the commentary of Jim MacKenzie and Dom Repucci, the behind the scene work of Greg Hall, Peter Attisano, Dave Scannell, these guys produce something seen in no other state but NH.

New England's-202And finally, most importantly, the athletes.  As a clerk for the meet, I got to see the athletes representing the New England states and those encounters were all positive.  Even in some situations where there were some anxious moments and missed declarations, most of the kids kept their cool and were gracious, pleasant and polite in their exchanges.  Not to mention some great performances.

Hats off to everyone for making the 2018 New England Track and Filed championships a success!

Mike Smith, Mascenic Regional 

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