The New Hampshire Track & Field Coaches Association has added another year-end award celebrating the Programs of the Year in each Division!  Rather than awarding a coach of the year, the Association recognizes it takes an entire staff, and sometimes a community, to reach the upper echelon of the Granite State.  This award is intended to reward the often overlooked efforts of exceptional coaching staffs and communities which not only result in high level, collective performances and results, but also give back to the NH Track and Field Community.  These programs were selected by a small committee and will be officially recognized at this November’s NHTFCA Clinic.  There will be a new procedure for nominating, voting and selecting Programs of the Year in 2020.  While you may notice each program awarded below were this year’s Divisional Champs, that may not always be the case.  Congratulations to all!!!


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  1. I understand that you are recommending that kids wear masks while participating in track and field events. I understand your desire to mitigate the spread, but just like we don’t eat with a mask, we should not be running with one. Please reverse this recommendation. This policy is dangerous and reckless. They can wear them between events, but not when actively running.

  2. No Masks while participating in events, Brad Keyes was right! I understand mitigating risk, but this is
    dangerous and reckless.

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